Dealing with Female Sideburns

For the longest time, women have struggled with sideburns. While they aren’t unpleasant to have many are uncomfortable with them as it’s seen as a sign of masculinity. This then means that women now have to find ways of dealing with these female sideburns by cutting, trimming, plucking and even waxing.

Dealing with girl sideburns means you have three options, get rid of them permanently, remove them temporarily, or grow them out to a length you see fit. You have various options available to you including the common shaving, waxing, and even seeking professional help for laser treatments among others. Read about all the alternatives below.

Are female Sideburns Normal?

Yes, they are normal and common among many women. Although many women consider female sideburns more masculine hence, they feel ashamed and abnormal. Biologists further explain that the line between masculinity and femininity is becoming more and more blurred with over 14% of women having a conditional called hirsutism.

This is where one exhibits excessive hair growth similar to those of a male pattern. This then makes women feel uncomfortable breeding the ideas of abnormality with the growth of sideburns.

Female Sideburns Photos

Girl sideburns do not always look bad. Some are super cute. Below are photos of women, including celebrities, with sideburns.

Female celebrities with sideburns
Celebrities with sideburns
Cute sideburn
Cute sideburns @nauranas
Female sideburns Photos
Sideburns on light and dark skin

How to Get Rid of Female Sideburns Permanently & Temporary

Getting rid of female sideburns permanently means getting professional assistance since you will have to uproot the hair follicle embedded under the skin layers. This could include electrolysis or laser radiation surgery as to shall read in the preceding sections below.

Even so, multiple individuals will prefer using temporary means such as waxing that buys them time to over three months without this facial hairs. Besides, they are cheaper and often much easier than professional services.

In this section, you shall read about the various methods you can use to remove sideburns. They include;

  • Using an epilator
  • Using hair creams
  • Cutting with scissors
  • Shaving
  • Waxing
  • Plucking
  • Professional services

Using an Epilator

An epilator is a mechanical tool fitted with multiple mechanical arms fixed with one to three razors. This tool allows you to tweeze many hairs at a go, effectively and efficiently. However, it can be painful to use. Therefore, purchase a suitable epilator, small in size if it’s for use on your face, and water-resistant.


  • An epilator
  • Clean water
  • Washcloth
  • Tweezers


  1. Start off start cleaning your face gently using water and soap. You can use a cleanser, toner, face wash or scrub, but ensure your face doesn’t get irritated as it will be more painful to use the epilator.
  2. Hold up you back hair into a ponytail using an elastic band to highlight the face, especially the sides (isolate the sideburns)
  3. Trim any long sideburns hair, those longer than an inch long. This is just a way to smoothen the way for the epilator, not to say the mechanical too can’t. It can just as much trim over 0.5 millimeters of hair.
  4. Start running the epilator in an upwards direction towards the hairline. Glide it over the sides in the opposite growth direction. Be as gentle as you can to avoid trimming all the way up to your hairline.
  5. Repeat three times to ensure you capture all the hairs. Don’t push too much onto the skin. Wipe with a washcloth to see if there are any other sections unattended to.
  6. Tweeze the extra stray hairs on the hairline or you can simply leave them if you so decide.
  7. Clean up your face and moisturize to tame the redness and irritation. Clean the epilator as well and disinfect with an antiseptic or an alcohol-based cleanser.

Using Hair Removal Creams

Hair removal creams also known as depilatory creams are also quite easy to use. They use chemical compounds that dissolve the protein in your hair, hence the hair loosens from its follicle.

However, they can be quite dangerous to use in skin, especially the face, due to its sensitivity. Hence, it’s advised to seek ok worth aloe vera or vitamin E extracts.

As usual, it’s safer to test for any allergic reactions or severe skin irritations. Conduct a patch test by applying the cream on the inside of your forearm.

Wait for the prescribed time of three to six minutes, scrape off the depilatory cream and await another 24 hours. If you don’t see any visible chemical reactions on the skin like rashes, pigmentation, or burns; then it’s safe to use.


  1. Begin by checking the area around the sideburns for nay cuts, scrapes, burns or anything else that could have adverse reactions to the depilatory cream.
  2. Pull back the hair into a pony to ensure you don’t accidentally cut hair you didn’t mean to.
  3. Clean up the area you want to apply the cream including the hairs.
  4. Trim any long hairs so you can apply a smooth paste over the remaining sideburns.
  5. Apply a thick layer of the cream onto the hair using the spatula provided in the package. Do not rub or massage it onto the skin.
  6. Apply on both sides of your face and let it rest for the give five to ten minutes. You can remove the cream earlier but not later as the sulfur contents in the cream will start to tingle your skin causing burns and other skin irritations.
  7. After the stipulated time, remove the cream by scraping with the spatula or wiping it down with a washcloth. Wipe generously and repeatedly to remove all of it.
  8. Final rinse with clean cold water and moisturize the face. Expect the sideburns to grow back in about a week’s time.

Cutting Female Sideburns with Scissors

For women with hirsutism, cutting the sideburns is an easier option since the hair will eventually gain back, thicker and darker. Hence the best option is to cut the hair every now and then. Here are several options you can use to cut female sideburns.

How to cut women sideburns with scissors
Hair Scissors

Sideburns longer than one inch can easily be trimmed with scissors. Not the usual kind, there us the small type that can easily navigate the face to reach the sharp corners. Simply use two mirrors to see where you’re cutting and begin chopping

Girl Sideburn Shaving

Just like any other form of hair removal option available for body hairs, you can also shave your sideburns. Its fast, easy, and cheap. However, it has drawbacks such as razor bumps and ingrown hairs, which are unpleasant for facial hair. It’s not a good option for oily skin as well as one is more susceptible to pimples.


This is a rather painful and time-consuming process since you will be picking out the hairs one by one. The process involves plucking the hair from its roots, which will eventually grow back out.

Plucking has a major drawback; the likelihood of ingrown hair. When one is plucking, more often than not, the hairs can break causing it to grow back inside the skin.

Plucking after a warm shower or after a hot compress is much easier and tends to hurt less than it would otherwise.


Another excellent way to cut the sideburns is by waxing. Waxing is simply stripping a layer of wax from the skin to pull out the hair from its hair follicles. It’s very painful but the results last longer than shaving and using an epilator. It also has fewer side effects compared to the other methods.

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Using Professional Services

Professional services could include waxing at the salon or seeing a dermatologist to advise on other permanent treatments to female sideburns. Several options available include;

  • Laser hair removal
  • Electrolysis

Laser Hair Removal

Laser removal is the process of using target heat to kill the hair follicle in its first stage of growth. This is a permanent solution to hair growth by using multiple hair removal sessions to kill the hair completely. this may take up to eight treatments to shed the hair fully.

This type of procedure works best on contrasting hair and skin colors, meaning those with dark skin and light hair or dark hair and light skin will best benefit from this procedure.

Those with dark skin and dark fine hair won’t see much results as the follicle won’t absorb the hair from the laser, rendering the procedure, useless.

Point of concern, however, you may need to conduct extensive research on the procedure, plus spare a lot of money since it’s expensive and the side effects either positive or negative are permanent.


This process involves using a tiny probe that kills the hair follicle using a current of electricity. Much like getting shocked. Once the hairs have been shocked, the hair is then tweaked, never to grow back again since the electric current will have killed off its growing follicle.

An electrologist will have to check on the length of the hair, approve a certain number of sessions, which could be up to 20, then perform the procedure. This process is not biased in the hair and skin color, hence, it can work on anyone. Ensure safety at all times as infections and scarring can occur at any time during the process if the electrologist isn’t licensed or experienced.

Tips & Precautions

The face is a delicate part of the body hence, one has to be extra careful not to injure, damage, or hurt that area of the skin. Here are a few tips and precautions one should take note of.

  • Moisturize the face after removal of the facial hair. The area will most likely be sore. Hence, apply oil, lotion, cream, or powder to cool that section of the face.
  • Follow all the prompts and instructions indicated on the procedure. You want to follow all the right steps to get accurate results. It will save you unnecessary problems.
  • Avoid skin removal treatment if your face is already dry, irritated, or has sunburns, warts, rashes, or breakouts.
  • Consider getting waxed by a professional for the best skin results.

How to Grow Out Sideburns Women

It takes about four to six weeks for your sideburns to grow out to an inch long. If you want then any longer or thicker, then two months should be enough.

How to grow sideburns women
Cute grown Sideburns

For some of you, growing out of the sideburns is a hard task and can be rather stressful. If that’s you, then here are a few tricks you can use hasten and encourage rapid hair growth.

  • Regular exercising – the more you sweat the more open your pores will be, meaning your hair follicles are also open for growth.
  • Reduce stress – stress factors in a lot of things including loss and gain of weight,  mental stability, and hair growth rate.
  • Keeping the face clean – grime, dirt, and oil buildup can hinder the sideburns from growing. Exfoliate your skin occasionally to encourage hair growth.
  • Quit smoking – the smoke can clog facial pores including the ones for your follicles.
  • Avoid regular trimming
  • Invest in massage oil to encourage the hair to grow especially if you have dry skin.
  • Include supplements in your diet like folic acid supplements. They promote hair growth.

How to Groom Sideburns

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