Best Hair Color for Brown Eyes

What hair color looks best for brown eyes? Brown eyes are the most dominant in the world. While searching for uniqueness, you might have thought of taking up some hair dye.With good ideas on the best hair color for brown eyes to look cute or pretty with fair skin, olive skin, medium skin and even dark skin, you can transform your looks while being trendy and fashionable. Here are the best suggestions for your skin color and eye color.

You can use a color scale to match your skin color to your hair and eye color. Brown eyes can be light brown or dark brown. Sometimes going too dark or too light with this hue can mean missing the mark. But how do you determine the right color for warm skin, cool skin, and fair, olive, dark, medium skin tones? Let’s start with the general colors you can wear.

What Hair Color for Brown Eyes?

First, to determine the good hair colors for brown eyes, you must examine yourself for various features. Are you fair skin, tan or dark-skinned, or olive toned? What is the color of your natural hair? What kind of lipstick are you fond of wearing? Most importantly, would you like to enhance your brown eyes or you would like something else to take the show?

Cute hair colors for brown eyes and fair skin.
Celebrity with brown eyes

With all these in mind, your hair colorist will determine what is good for you, that is, if you are not doing a DIY at-home hair coloring. Women with dark brown eyes as well as those with light brown eyes can wear these colors:

  • Warm golden brown shades
  • Rich auburn
  • Medium brown
  • Dark brown with warm or light highlights

All these ideas of shades are good and can create a very pretty effect. However, the real secret with these is the “intensity or shade depth of a given color.

Colors could be selected to match the intensity of natural eye color — overall or in blending as high/low light.” – ProStyler at Short Hair Style.

There are good drugstore hair colors that you can purchase and use to get the effects you want or just try playing around with, but I would advise you to always have your hair colored by a professional colorist.


So far, the general idea of the colors I have suggested is not enough to get you the perfect shade of hair that will match brown eyes. You must look closely at other features, such as the tint in your eye color – is it dark brown? Or is it dark brown?

Medium brown and light blonde hues are a good selection for you. This will allow dark brown eyes to pop since it does not overwhelm them. An additional tip to this is to ensure that you choose shades that will make your hair look fuller and allow the golden flecks in light brown and dark brown eyes to be highlighted.

Medium Brown and light blonde for brown eyes
Medium brown-light blond

This is likely to work for both women with warm skin tones and cool skin tones as well. However, the old trick in the book remains the same: unless you try and see exactly if you like it, you will never know.

For me, this is still a general assumption that something like medium brown with highlights of blond will automatically work for you. You have to put emphasis on your undertones or skin color: pale skin, dark skin, olive skin, etc. I have highlighted each of these scenarios below and suggested a cute hair color for you.

Best Hair Color for Brown Eyes and Fair Skin

What is the best hair color for brown eyes and fair skin? When you have a fair skin, you can almost wear very many hair colors, changing them from this to that and still look great.

However, you need to consider your undertones to make the best choice after all. So, do you have warm undertones or cool undertones?

Fair skin with platinum blonde.
Fair skin with platinum blonde.
  • We have seen Gwen Stefani with her staple blonde yet she is of pale skin with brown eyes. Well, if warm undertones and brown eyes are your features too, you can try the platinum blonde hair dye this celebrity is well known for.
  • Ombre hair dyes are also cool for women with fair skin. You can make a mix of dark and light shades of this hue. Simply talk to your colorist and ask that you want to get something like medium brown at the base of your hair and two shades lighter through the tips. This way, you will have gotten the perfect brunette hair dye for brown eyes.

There are definitely many options of shades for fair-skinned people. Just remember that if you have warm skin tones, try as much as you can to keep it warm with your hair color choices. The cool tone people can have a mix of the two on different occasions.

Best Hair Color for Dark Brown Eyes

There are many characteristics that we couple with dark brown eyes. You could be of medium skin, dark skin, olive skin, pale skin or light skinned. So, what hair color will look good on you?

Since dark brown eyes can easily be camouflaged by overwhelming shades of dark hair dyes, it is important to choose something that is a bit especially when it comes to browns.

Best Hair Color for Brown eyes and olive skin medium skin
Dark brown eyes and olive skin.
  • Always try to change the shade one or two shades from your natural color using the hair color chart
  • Lowlights may be a good pick than highlights, and this is particularly good for women of fair skin
  • Some warm and even cool skin tones can work well for medium skin toned people
  • Dark blonde and shades of dark brown can also look great for medium skin
  • For mediums, both lowlights and highlights are advised as well because they will give you a unique outlook each time you add a new twist to your hair using them
  • If your hair is naturally dark or black, then your dark brown eyes may be well complemented here (yes, surprisingly!). Just try to avoid too much of light-colored highlights.

So that is the general criteria for women with dark brown eyes. What about those with light brown eyes? Below, I have also listed the general criteria that you should be using to choose the perfect hair color for you.

Best Hair Color for Light Brown Eyes

Light brown eyes are sometimes considered to have a golden tint to them. This makes them a little easier to see than dark brown eyes.

When choosing a good hair color for light brown eyes, you have to keep in mind that though it is easier to highlight them, a little too much of hair color can easily end up with a mess. So, here are general tips to always keep in mind when choosing a hair dye.

  • Light blonde and medium browns will definitely look great on light brown eyes
  • If you want to go a shade higher and end up with a medium brown mane, do not forget to add some blonde highlights
  • For people with skin tones ranging from medium to dark, something between medium brown and medium blonde will always work for you.

Remember, warmer hues will always brighten up your skin tone and also the color of your eyes. If you want to highlight them, then warm is the way to go especially if you have warm undertones.

Brown Eyes Tan Skin

Tan is a warm skin tone. The hair color you choose should brighten your skin instead of darkening it. You can go for more vibrant and saturated tones as well as highlights.

most of them are rather dark and stem from brown and red. However, there are some light options as well, especially as highlights.

Following are some ideas

Honey Hair light for tan skin with brown eyes
Honey Highlights
Golden brown hair for brown-eyed tan skin
Beyonce: Golden Brown
Reddish Auburn
Reddish Auburn
Light Brown
Light Brown

Hair Color for Brown Eyes and Olive Skin

People with olive undertones are also considered to have a medium skin. Your skin is warm and you definitely have something like a golden shine to your skin. Think Sandra Bullock, Sofia Vergara and Jessica Alba. All these have unique styles yet they fall in our category of olive and medium complexions.

  • Did you know that Kim Kardashian’s natural eye color is brown? Well, in that case, what hair color does hair colorists recommend for women with brown eyes and medium skin? Well, according to Hazan, a renowned hair colorist, honey blonde from the middle to the end while leaving your roots dark.
  • You can choose to go with dark toffee at the top while keeping the bottom ashy rather than going all bright. Jessica Alba’s (pictured) hair style and color choice is an example of what would look perfect for you. Let your salon colorist work with sandy brown highlights and have them blended with an espresso base. This shade of brown will warm your complexion up and give you the golden feel you should have.
Pale skin, brown eyed, cute hair color.
Pale skin, brown eyes

Other color choices for women with olive and medium skin tones include honey brown bases with golden highlights (like Sofia Vergara), walnut shades of brown where you mix with slight touches of red.

Crazy Hair Colors for People with Brown Eyes

Well, sometimes we want to look like neon lights with our makeup. For crazy hair colors, I would really recommend temporary hair dyes. This is because tomorrow you will want to remove those funny colors that attract attention and end up with either natural hair or something else. Here are just a few suggestions you can try on.

  • Purple or maroon can look fine on brown eyes
  • Blue hair dyes, although you should know that blue will fade fast
  • According to Lanaberska on Makeuptalk, “pink hair on top with purple in the middle and blue at the ends” will look amazing

You can also try on red hair color for brown eyes if you want to go to that extreme with crazy shades.

Best Brown Hair Color for Brown Eyes

This sounds like brunette hair colors, right? Well, so what is the best shade of brunette hair color for brown eyes? From light brown to dark brown, you will enjoy each of these shades of brown as they will not restrict your looks. Here are just a few samples you can try on.

Shiny Caramel Fudge: Has shiny feel, with subtle depth. With this rich brown hair dye, you will get a very natural feel on your head. This is good for people with warm undertones with skin color ranging from light to medium skin.

Ciara dark skinned brown eyes
Ciara dark skinned brown eyes with blonde hair.

Spicy Chai Latte: Yes, it is yet another shade of brown, more of a warm copper if you are a fan of light brown hair dyes. Can also be worn by women with medium and light skin tones and warm tones.

Dark Chocolate with Cool Highlights: This is just the perfect shade of hair color if you are looking to lighten up your looks. Medium skinned and also light-skinned women can wear this, particularly if they have cool undertones.

Others you can try are curly cocoa, which is a neutral brown, fine mocha highlights, iced caramel latte, toffee ombre, butterscotch ombre and many, many other shades out there.

Brown Eyes, Dark Skin Hair Color Shades

Brown eyes are very dominant in dark skinned people or African Americans. According to the Greek American Girl, “Darker skin with any eye color is perfect for pulling off dramatic shades of purple and mahogany.” In essence, you can wear a wide range of hair colors if you have a darker complexion.

Did you know that dark skinned women can also apply blonde hair dyes? Think Beyonce and Ciara’s blonde shades. Simply leave your base dark as it is the natural color of your hair and then go with highlights in several layers. This will help you not to get washed out.

To get a look like that of Beyonce with the best hair color for brown eyes, the baby blonde shade, retain a dark shade at the very base of your natural strands. This will help balance the blonde. The hair color dye is butter highlights in cream. Dark eyebrows will also resonate well with this choice of blonde shade.



  1. I find most women with brown eyes have a medium complexion. However, it is common also to find brown eyes and red skin, tan skin, fair skin and olive skin tone. So, for me, other than using brown eyes as a point to choose the best hair colors for brown eyes, I go with the skin too.
    So, with that said, hair colors that look good on brown eyes, or make them pop include mahogany, burgundy, some deep browns and any red hair colors. These are mostly in the range of brunettes and I always advise my clients to pick from this range. However, try to avoid lighter shades of hair because they can suck the life out of your looks :). I hope that helps. I am a hair stylist and not a colorist anyway but I find great interest in colors as well. Cheers Victoria.

  2. I agree with Lucille here. In addition to her comment, I would like to suggest that women of medium skin, olive skin and pale skin with any range of brown eyes can use the suggestions above. We usually, in most cases, categorize brown eyes as variations of hazel eyes. For example, if someone tells you that she has light brown eyes, they might actually be hazel eyes. Gold, hazelnut and golden brown eyes lie within this range.
    Other than that, I found that it is always important to consider what will be a good hair color for your brown eyes and dark eyebrows. For instance, don’t try to go blonde with dark eyebrows even if you have dark eyes. Bleach or dye your brows as well.

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  4. I have pale skin, freckles, dark brown eyes, almost black, and a dark blonde, a little ashy hair colour, would you think a firebox red ombre was ok on me? I’ve had red ombre once before and it was fine, but it was a lot paler red, and not as bright, but I’d quite like to have a brighter red colour, do you think this would compliment me? I’m also contemplating a dark cherry red, which is slightly darker than the firebox red, but still quite bright.

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