Best Receding Hairline Haircuts & Hairstyles (Men)

A receding hairline is the most common type of hair loss for men. Caused by different factors like stress, genes, and old age – it cuts across the continent, affecting Americans, Asians, and even Africans. Since most people are usually concerned with their appearance, it’s vital to have a haircut or a hairstyle that will boost one’s self-esteem and confidence.

If you’re looking for something to hide your receding hairline, you are in the right place. Here you will find different hairstyles and haircuts you can emulate. There are examples of short hair cuts and styles, long hair, bald, plus much more. Let’s dive in.

Receding Hairline Haircuts and Hairstyles

1. Clean Shave

clean shave

Famous actors like Tyrese Gibson have been able to rock a bald head, even with no beard. This look is quite sophisticated and complicated because not so many people can take up this haircut. For most, the style tends to favor people with an oval or diamond shape of head.

The clean shave, no matter how trendy is not a common style among Asian men, it’s more American where people grow beards instead to draw attention to their chin rather than the head. It’s also favorable for black men, whi luckily can embrace the hairless head.

2. Undercut


Next up is the undercut. Another great option which may need you to have some volume of hair. This is because you will trim the back and sides of your head similar to the bob hairstyle. For those with thinning hair, it’s a great option because it’ll hide the receding hairline as well as add a fashionable cut to your hair.

The undercut is an elementary cut with more sophisticated styles like the slicked back and comb-over, which you shall see below. It’s not just modern, its trendy and best for Americans and Asians who have large volumes of hair.

3. Taper Fade

taper fade

If you’re looking for something classy, stylish, and modern, then the taper fade is your best guess. There are two types of taper fade hairstyles;

  • Skin fade – this blends well with a bald or a really low cut. Its where you add some design to your shave to make it seem like you’re adding an artistic touch to your haircut rather than highlighting the receding hairline.
  • High fade – similar to a mohawk but lesser hair on the center. The high fade emphasizes on the hair at the top of the head. The sides will be trimmed just a little like the undercut, but you’ll see a growth in the hair length as you approach the middle.

For a receding of high hairline, tapering the edges with some clippers can draw attention away from the hairline, and bald spots to the fuller areas at the top of the head.

4. Short Hair Haircuts and Hairstyles

Those with short hair, not necessarily 4c length, also have various options for haircuts. You can try a buzz cut or a crew cut, which you shall read about below. Alternatively, you can try a messy cut, where you trim the edges just a little bit to account for the thinning, receding hairline. Then, comb out the remaining hair

messy hairstle-receding short hair

The messy hair is an excellent choice if you have volumes of hair, but maybe some patches of balding hair. Simple trims here and there should do the trick.

Finally, you can also apply a styling product to add volume to the hair. For example, using clay, wax, henna, or whatever the barber will recommend. Not only will it hide the receding hairline you can also gain advantages for your hair by covering it up. If your hair is thinning much, then this styling can actually highlight your balding areas rather than hide.

5. Long Hair Haircuts and Hairstyles

hairstyle for receding ong hair

Do you have long hair that you’re unwilling to trim off? Well, there are hairstyles you can use to ensure your not chopping hair from your head. This is mainly for Americans, Asians, Indians, and other docents that have longer hair.

You can try a man bun. Depending on where exactly the hair is missing from your hair, you can simply do a man bun. Clean, neat hair always catches the attention compared to the high hairline. This also goes hand in hand with the male ponytail or free-flowing hair.

You can do a slight trim, especially at the back and ends of the hair, and that’s it. Long hair also has the option of applying some styling products like some gel, clay, or wax. Using it gently on the sides can hide any patches of balding.

6. Medium Length Hair Haircuts and Hairstyles

receding hairstyle and cuts receding medium hair

Its not long; neither is it short. It seems like the best of both worlds. Since you can’t do a bun, you can change the direction of your hair from a side slicked cut, to a free back flowing hair. It won’t be lying on your shoulders so it can hide various patches on the head and giving an illusion of voluminous hair.

Alternatively, you can try other hairstyles from this review like a comb-over, mohawk, or faux – see if its something you wouldn’t mind on your head. It’s the perfect combination for faded hairstyles and slicked cut.

7. Buzz Cut Haircut

buzz hairstyle/cut

A prevalent hairstyle is the buzz haircut. It’s a military-inspired haircut that goes close to a bald head but adds a sleek design on the head – to give it a fashionable look. It’s great for thinning hair, as well as the receding hairline.

The cut also gives a more masculine sense enhancing facial features like the eyes and the brows. It’s tapered and adds a chiseled look. Great for most men, including White, Black, Hispanic, and Asian.

8. Crew Cut

crew cut

This is yet another excellent chopping idea. Its main purpose is to make the high hairline less noticeable by people because it tends to hide a some scalp patches better than the buzz cut. It has a professional or rather formal look than any other haircut.

There are different variations of the crew cut,  with the more conventional style being the Ivy League. It’s best for longer hair than the former. The style features a crew cut with side-swept front. Similar to a fade but with a modern touch.

9. Comb Over Hairstyle

Comb over style

Just as the name suggests, the idea behind this hairstyle is to hide the balding or receding hairline by simply combing over the patch. This may seem like an excellent option,  but it requires one to have volume on the hair. You can’t go hiding patches if you dont have hair to style over it.

Unfortunately, the style doesn’t also coincide well with thinning hair because it won’t do a good job hiding the hair. Instead, it might actually draw more attention to the patches ans hairline. The drawing of the line is hair is what will determine if the look is best for you or not. Otherwise, you may be cooking up a disaster on your head.

10. Slicked Back Hair

Beckham Slicked back hairstyle

This slicked-back hair is sleek, and it’s sexy. More so, it’s more retro because it has been used by men even from the 1930s and beyond. It’s great for thinning hair because of the undercut and the fade, easy to style,  and generally offers a subtle look.

Suitable for all races, the slicked-back will use the receding hairline to give the perfect edge to the hairstyle. From the corner, that lays the lowest point for the cut, after that, the hair on the head is used to show some volume on the head. You can use a pomade or wax to at texture, shine, and even quantity.

11. Mohawk


This haircut features long hair in the middle with shaved sides. This not only hides the receding hairline, but it enhances the appearance of the hair in the middle. It can be  a long or short mohawk where the long one has the hair falling on one side 

The trendy hair also has you trimming the mid hair so it doesn’t look exaggerated. It works for all races with whichever type of hair. Also great for thinning hair and high hairlines.

12. Faux Hawk Haircut

faux hawk

Last, but not least, the faux hawk. Very similar to the mohawk, but with more hair and less trimmed sides. An excellent example is Adam Levine, the Voice top coach. He has done the faux numerous times and it’s always looked great.

For your receding hairline, it completely covers the baldness, and takes advantage of the short fade to show more voluminous hair.


Since you’ve read up till this point, let’s add one more less common style – locks Not the loc in moisture technique, but dreadlocks. Great for short hair as well because you can try babylocs. The style is modern, unique, and funky.

The style also adds versatility because you can taper your edges, maybe trimmed the sides a little bit to make it seem like a mohawk. It’s trendy and modern and suitable for Africans and very few Hispanics.

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