Best Hairstyles for Square-faced Men & Women

A square face shape features a broad forehead, wide cheekbones, and a strong jawline. With four sharp corners, this face shape is often hard to find flattering hairstyles since the bone structure is quite strong in the physique.

Therefore, common styles like adding layers, bobs, waves, and large curls mostly does the trick to soften the face around the corners. Bangs are also an excellent idea since they take the attention away from the forehead and jawline and to the cheekbones, which is a better spot. For more of these hairstyle ideas, read the article right below.

Square Face Shape

Similar to the rectangle and triangle face shapes, a square face has a sharp angular jawline.

Asymmetrical to the hairline, the face also features straight lines with parallel lengths on the forehead and jawline, the cheekbone, however, may protrude slightly.

Perfect Square face shape
Square Face

Common characteristics of a square face shaped  people include;

  • Equal length and width of the face.
  • Flat and noticeable chin
  • Strong, broad and square-shaped jawline
  • Parallel lengths of jawline and forehead
  • Straight cheekbones with the widest part of the face.

Square Face Haircuts for Male

Men with square faces are said to appear more masculine with a sharp angular jaw and a forehead that’s easy to shape and style. Stylish cuts alike the crew cut and buzz cut are often used in this case to give off a neat yet disciplined looked. Even so, there are other casual looks suitable for this shape.

Bald Shave

A man can never go wrong with a bald head. One of the best-kept secrets to a receding hairline, the shaved head style is very modern and can be used by many men from all face shapes. Take a look at famous actors such as Tyrese Gibson and Shemar Moore, only to mention a few.

Bald Shave for square-face men
Bald Shave

A study conducted by the Social Psychological and Personality Science journal, claims that bald head gives a bold and masculine perception. Such men appeared 13% more dominant than their male counterparts, wonder if that’s true.

Even so, the shaven head is a great look on a square face.

Buzz Cut Hairstyle

Next up is the buzz cut. Yet another common haircut for men. It’s very trendy in every group of men either old or young, formal or informal looks. The buzz cut has three distinct styles; induction, burr and butch

Buzz cut for square face men

Side Part Hairstyle

This is also more of a technique rather than a hairstyle. The barber will trim the hair down on one line parting the hair into two segments. The hair is then pronounced by adding contrasts to the hair as well as making it easier to style.

Side part Hairstyle for square face male

The side part is often combined with other hairstyles such as the buzz cut, crew cut,  and undercut so you can make those haircuts appear more stylish and cool.

Comb Over Hairstyle

The comb-over hairstyle is very versatile. Not just by its design but by the number of people that can look astounding the look, square faces included. This particular style offers volume and texture that can enable you to redistribute the hair whichever way you’d like.

Comb over hairstyle for men
Comb over

It compliments the head to even out its proportion. With the square face, a comb-over can balance the upper part of the head to give more width to the forehead and a balanced length to the face seeing that it appears slightly longer.

Another great aspect of the comb-over is that it can be paired with other common hairstyles including the side part. Depending on you’re preferred side you can use the comb-over to hide any flaws such as a receding hairline and still balance out the shape of the head.

You can also pair it with the undercut, fades, and fringes. It will all resonate with what you prefer in your head as all the above styles work well with this given face shape.

Faux Hawk Hairstyle

This is just a fancy name for a mohawk. Its signature feature is a crown shape design similar to a crest in top of the head.

Faux Hawk for men

The hair will then flow to the back of the head or the sides as well, depending on the length of your hair. What adds the jist from the traditional mohawk look to the faux heel is the spiked appearance at the top of the head.

This dynamic style doesn’t even require much effort to put it together since you can pass your fingers through it to accentuate the height and probably add some gel to stiffen it up a bit. The faux hawk cam also is combined with other styles such as the undercut, comb over hairstyle and a fade.

For the best results, try out this style on hair that’s longer than an inch (2.5cm) to about four inches long.

Pompadour Hairstyle

As the name suggests, this style is all about adding pomp/ volume to the hair. It’s a casual look since the design is meant to be noticeable.

Its eccentric character is not meant to be dressed for a professional role.

Pompadour Hairstyle men

The Pompadour works to bring attention from the face to the hair therefore the natural volume of the hair has to be there before even trying out this style.

Many also claim this style is age limiting to those of the youth, you can’t imagine a senior rocking a Pompadour hairstyle.

Man Bun Top Knot Hairstyle

For all you who have long and silky hair, here’s one excellent idea for your hair. The man bun requires long enough hair to pull off the look. This is about six to ten months’ worth of hair growth to allow you to even hold the hair at the back.

Man Bun Top Knot

All you have to do is sweep up the hair and tie it at the back, loosely or tightly.

An alternative to the man bun is a top knot. Here, the bun is held up slightly higher than one the man bun and can be used for medium-sized hair. Modern top knots have people shaving the sides to create a more playful look.

Swept Back Long Hairstyle

Last, but not least is the swept-back long style. Very simple and minimalist since you’re dealing with hair as long as the mane on a lion. This elegant look doesn’t require much effort to pull off since you don’t even require to comb the hair.

Swept back long hairstyle

This traditional style is arguable the simplest hairstyle anyone can rock, as long as you have the length of hair needed to pull off this look. Variants to the look include the laid back hairstyle and laissez-faire.

Square Face Shape Hairstyles for Female

A square face with sharply defined corners of the face needs hairstyles that’ll soften the angular appearance, especially for women. Here are some of the top hairstyles available to try.

Clean Bob

The bob hairstyle can be manipulated for various reasons. In this case, you want a neat and sleek bob that falls directly to the face. This means your hair has to be straight and must have medium to long length.

Clean bob

Clean bob is a very simple style since it only needs a side part and that’s it, the hair will fall towards the face


This is equally a very versatile style. As for the square face, long bangs will do they add some length to the parallel face you have. Paired with a bob, it can actually look even better.

Bangs for women with square face

Shaggy Bob

As for those with a liking to more energetic and pompous styles, the messy and shaggy bob will do. It’s very fashionable with a fluffy top, layering to the side, and no obvious straight marks that make it appear professional.

shaggy bob

Short Hairstyles for Square Faces and Fine Hair

After looking at three of the most basic styles one can use for their square face, here are two more options for those of you who don’t particularly have long enough hair worth styling.

Layered pixie

This is a ladies version of the faux hawk. An excellent choice especially if to have come hair since the whole idea of a pixie is that it stands up. The style is very low maintenance and can blend for both professional and casual roles.

Short and fine hair hairstyles for square-face women

Messy waves

The trick here is to restyle the hair using other styles such as Bantu knots so the fine hair is curly when detangled. Then, use a wide-tooth comb to gently wave the hair to whichever direction you want. A flat iron would do but with short hair, it can be a challenge.

Short Hairstyles for Square Faces over 50 Years

After reaching and passing the half a century mark, you may think you’ve tried all the styles you possibly can. But here are classic styles you should definitely try.

The classic bob

Yes, head back to the roots with this style. Great for short hair since you only need to add some front locks and you will have elongated its appearance.

Hairstyle for square face women over 50
Classic bob

Messy Pixie-Bob

You want it short, asymmetrical and layered, the three tops things that make a square face shape look perfect. What’s more, you can add a few more details to the look by side parting or combing the hair to one side.

Side bangs

For this look, simply brush over the hair to one side and try layering it over the other like an uneven comb over hairstyle.

Straight look

If you have short and straight hair, your best bet is to wave the hair whichever way you know best. You can use a flat iron or other manual methods like twisting the hair and sleeping on it overnight.

Urban Pixie Cut

What’s great about the pixie cut is that its the best choice for short hair. Its modern, edgy and chic. Blow-dry the hair and layer the edges of your head with some gel.

Urban Pixie
Urban Pixie

Best Hairstyles for Square Faces Over Age 60  

After 60 years, you’re not looking for something so bold and eccentric. Hence, here are subtle ideas you can use.

Wispy lobs

A lob is a female version of the pompadour. To get the wispy lobs, simply tease the hair from its roots to add more volume to the hair.

This cute messy hairstyle is great for short to medium size women, and quite messy for those who prefer stylish and on the go hairstyles.

Hairstyles for square face women over 60
Wispy lobs

Wavey Lobs

Instead of simply lifting the hair by its roots, why don’t you add layers to the hair and style them into huge waves.


You can never go wrong with a fringe. Similar to the bangs, you can cut right at the front and let the lie over the forehead or push them to the side.

Hair Styles and Face Shapes

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