Best Purple Hair Ideas for Men

Purple is a bold color that many would not rock, most especially – men. It’s unique and quite captivating, a color you wouldn’t miss to spot if someone had it on their hair. For some of you men, you must be wondering what styles you can use to keep your purple hair popping, well there are quite a few.

From the short buzz cut to medium-sized undercut or a mohawk, and with a man bun highlighting strikes of purple or a full-on purple dye. Below are eight of the best purple hair ideas that’ll suit you.

Best Purple Hair Ideas

Before we have a look at the different hairstyles and haircuts you can use to bolden a purple hue on your hair, it’s vital to note that this dye color resonates well with light skin toned people.

Much like how natural redheads are of the northern European descent. Hence, before you decide to take this leap, ensure it’ll blend well with your skin color.

Dark Purple Hair Dye

This is a play it safe option for all you first-time dyers. This is where you go all in and dye your whole head purple.

Dark Purple hair Black Man
Dark Purple

You’ll have the option of selecting your preferred shade of purple from violet, indigo, pastel, or simply purple. This option. This option is most suitable for fair to medium skin people.

For a great touch up look as well, this hue offers a classic twist from the normal hair color shades, so if your experimental and one with an outgoing personality, this should the first idea you go for.

Pink and Purple Hair

For a less subtle look to a more evolved style, a mix and match between purple and pink is just the solution. It’s mysterious, beautiful and captivating to the eye. This rock star idea is more exotic and best suited for someone with more confidence in the hue.

Temporary pink and purple hair color for boys
Pink Purple

One great effect with this hair blend is that it can be used on darker skin tones as the hue itself brightens one’s skin color about two shades lighter. For this unconventional look, try out the dark purple dye with a hot pink or champagne pink for an intriguing finish.

Short Purple Hair

For all you men with short hair, fear not, this look is for you. For this stylish appearance, try out the dye with a buzz cut or a short undercut.

Short hair purple color men

Highlight the areas with longer or thicker hair than the bolder patches of the head. This way, you’re pulling more attention to the better part of your hairstyle.

Because the hair is short, stylists suggest that the best purple dye to have is one that’s very light in shade. Meaning a pastel is better than violet-purple since that would be too deep a dye to have on such short hair. However, it’s still your choice of what you want to do with your hair.

Purple Highlights

When talking about hair color ideas, highlights wouldn’t miss in the list of options. This funky hairstyle can vamp anyone’s look from a boring monocolored hair to adding steaks and tiny shades of dye to the hair.

Purple Highlights

Highlights are not added to the whole head, it could be on the ends, sides, or the from a section of your hair.

This modern and sexy look can also be mixed with either many other colored hair strands. You can try adding blue, hot pink, and even white or blonde highlights to the hair to blend with the purple.

Purple Buzz Cut

A buzz cut is a very common hairstyle for men, especially if you naturally have thick hair and you’re looking to trim around the edges.

Men Buzz cut with purple hair

This cool haircut is an excellent way to add shade to your hair. Try out a full-on purple hair dye, then buzz cut the hair to keep it simple yet cool.

A buzz cut hairstyle has a way of focusing the style on the face highlighting the shape of the face and texture. Adding a purple dye will beautify the look while still making it bold.

Purple Merman Hair

Have you heard of the merman look? This is where you blend different shades of color to your hair just to rap to a creative side of things. It’s a new trend that’s seen mostly silent females but men are trying it out too.

Purple Merman Hair
Purple Merman Hair

Common blends of shades could include blue, green, pink, yellow, grey, gold, and purple. They all get added to the hair not just as complementary shades but fill on colors matched with your hair.

Purple dreadlocks
Merman dreadlocks

On a bigger extent, others may choose to have their beards dyed as well to keep up the merman look. If this is sow.thing you would try, a deeper people color is best.

Pastel Purple Hair Trend

Pastel is the lightest shade of purple, very similar to pink but the color’s undertone is still purple. A trendy look that’s also very subtle, therefore a very good choice if you’re not feeling like creating attention for yourself.

Pastel Purple

It’s a fresh look that you’ll see many celebrities including actors,  singers, and professional dancers opt for this hair shade compared to other deeper hues.

Purple Ombre Effect

Ombre is a type of shading style that lets you have two sets of hair color without the element of mixing. Its more like a fade, from a jet black hue at the roots to the purple shade as you approach the ends of the hair.

It’s quite similar to what females put on their hair because it’s best on medium to long hair.

Purple Ombre

However, men too can have this look, especially if you can hold up a man bun. That way, if you’re not feeling the color you can simply tie it down and under the bun. Reveal it when you feel open to exposing it.

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