Short Hairstyles for Round Faces and Thin Hair

Short hair is slowly becoming a trend for everyone. Be it young people, the elderly, round faces, triangle face, thin hair, fine hair, and thick hair. Short haircuts and hairstyles are very versatile and can easily be manipulated to give different impressions.

The best short hairstyles for round faces and thinning hair has to be something that adds volume. That could be curls, waves, updos, messy, and low maintenance looks, among others. The idea is to make the face appear slim for the round face but the hair voluminous to counter thinning hair.

There are many hairstyles you can try from bobs, pixies, layers, updos, and buns, plus different variations of the same with a touch of creativity. Read about these amazing hairstyles below that will not only make you look great, they’re super flattering and trendy. But before we jump to the styles, here are a few tips about how you can achieve this short hair in round faces and thin hair;

  • Avoid heavy bangs as they accentuate how wide your face is. The horizontal line from straight bangs can widen the face making you look fat, therefore try side or longer bangs.
  • Focus on the sides – the best way to elongate the face is to make the edges appear longer.
  • Avoid compact hairstyles especially if your face is round and chubby. Compact and sleek hairstyles can easily give off a pineapple look.
  • Whatever style you put, use diagonal lines to make doesn’t face longer visually.

Low Maintenance

Pixie cut

The pixie haircut is achieved by making a well-designed chop on the sides leaving hair in the middle, where it can draw attention.

Pixie Cut
Pixie Cut

The cut is great because it elongates the face and pills the eyes upwards. The hair is swept up and can be gently drawn to either side of the face.

A quick and easy style where you can simply run your fingers through the hair to keep it steady.

Clippered Pixie

Another touch of the pixie cut is the clippered pixie that works great on very short hair about five cms or less.

clippered pixie

The clippered pixie cut has the base idea of shaving the edges like a bob but using a fade and focusing all the attention on the well-trimmed hair in the middle.

It gives a square top on a round head hence counteracting the fullness of the face.

Classic Pixie

Unfortunately for the classic pixie, the hairstyle needs you to have thick hair, curly, wavy, or straight. The idea is to use a styling product like a gel to build volume at the midsection of your head. You can opt for a fade haircut that trims the edges and layers the back.

The idea behind the style is to make the face longer and the head wider in volume so it looks more oval shape than round. The classic pixie is one of the oldest and most appreciated hairstyles used by people of all ages.

Messy Pixie

The last pixie cut is the messy pixie that doesn’t need you to even cut your hair. You can use simple clips or pins to hold up the hair at the top or if the hair is shorter, let it look like a spiked and messy updo.

Long Bouncy Layers

The main advantage of layering is to add volume to the hair. This is the best solution to thinning hair because not only does the hair appear more full, but you don’t need any products or hair supplements to thicken the hair.

Layered hair long and short
Long layered

A long bouncy layered hairstyle works well for short to medium-length hair where the stylist can make the layers longer keeping them bouncy and focusing someone’s attention to the eyes or hair.

Layered Haircut with Side Bangs

To spice up the layering, add some side bangs to double up on volume and elongation.

This style is amazing because it’s great for round faces and for thinning hair.

No matter how short your hair is, the style will surely fit. Side bangs are a classic way to add class and elegance to the style.

Braided Boho Hairstyles

If your hair is short but also long enough to braid, consider a boho look with the braided boho hairstyle.

Boho braids
Boho braids

Create a crown in the head by braiding the hair in a circular motion. This way, the face will appear slimmer.

The style is messy and low maintenance making it the perfect choice for a casual look.

Graduated Bob

Lastly, the final low maintenance hairstyle is the graduated bob perfect for a casual and easy to wear look. The graduated bob is a well put together hairstyle that retains that below-the-chin length but cuts the back just a little shorter.

It will appear as a tapered look on the back with layers and dimensions added to the hair. You’re free to add curls, waves, and more layers to make it more appealing.

High Maintenance Styles

A Classic Bob

Onto the high maintenance section, the classic bob takes the first position because of its perfectly cured horizontal cut.

classic bob
Classic bob

A great choice for thinning hair, the classic bob appears as one uniform length throughout the hair with a standard height just below the ear and above the chin.

It may seem like a boring or cliche hairstyle but you can easily switch it up into something or you can add waves and curls.

For everyday styling learn to part if off at different spots. Push it to the side and let it drape on your forehead. The classic bob is a classic way to add length to the style forcing your round face to appear oblong/oval

A-Line Bob

A-line bobs are unique as they follow the shape of the letter A. This bob features an A-like angle that goes from short in the back to longer in the front.

To keep the hairstyle trendy, you have to keep the hair trimmed and at the right length so it doesn’t lose its authenticity.

Box Bob

The box bob has a precision type of cutting with a blunt shape and an even line from front to back and no layers. The cutting here is at its finest and looks very sleek and elegant.

Box Bob
Box Bob

The purpose of the cut is to slim the sides of the face and create length below the chin, thereby elongating the round face.

The box bob isn’t only professional but also trendy and youthful

Cropped Pixie Cut

The cropped pixie cut unlike the other types of pixie haircuts is more sophisticated.

It appeals to round faces and especially those with an angular jawline. Cropping the cut means a side sweep at the front and a crop at the back. This elongates the neck and keeps the cut stylish.

The design of cropping can make a huge difference which is why you should tell your stylist to use the ‘scissor over comb’ technique to keep the ends soft.

Clippers will give off a clippered pixie which is not what we’re after. The scissors aid with adding volume and length as the front to flatter the face.

Short and Curly (or Textured)

Curly hair is all about adding volume to the overall look. If you want a short and curly look then choose the right curls for your hair and get them added with side bangs to add some texture to the final look.

Short and curly for round face
Short and Curly

The bounce will keep the face lifted and bright, a great solution for a round face and thinning hair.

Rounded Lob

The lob is a long bob where the hair falls right above the shoulders swinging side to side. It’s a flattering look that will surely work for round faces. The lob works best with thick hair as the hair has to be able to curl and bounce.

Tapered Afro

This last hairstyle is limited to those with natural hair as the hair simply stands up by itself, hence the name afro.

Tapered Afro

The tapered look comes about by having the sides narrow, therefore adding height to the afro.

It looks like an updo but you can consider shaving the edges instead of holding them up. The hairstyle equally elongated the face.

Hair Styles and Face Shapes

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