Short Hairstyles for Over 50 and Overweight, with Glasses & Fat Faces

At different age groups, you want to embrace the new, whether it’s your teenage years, youth, or old age. For women over 50, you’re celebrating life but at the same time, you want to hide your flaws like visible wrinkles, sagging skin, or a receding hairline.

Short hairstyles can do that for you especially because they’re more manageable compared to medium and long hairstyles. Short hairstyles are low maintenance therefore you don’t need to invest much time. And the best part is that there are many styles you can incorporate for a fuller, more youthful look.

The most popular short hairstyles for overweight women over 50 years include bobs, lobs, layers, bangs, and waves. These hairstyles give you more volume that will not elongate your face giving off a saggy look. If you have a chubby face and wear glasses, you can also try out these styles.

Before we jump into the main segment, let’s first list a few tips on how to get the perfect look;

  • Reduce shaggy hairstyles- for older women shaggy is automatically messy unlike for millennials which seems trendy.
  • Bangs are greats but keep them neat or better yet one-sided.
  • Dye your hair to change focus from any attributes on your face to your hair. Plus a unison color is great compared to combination hues of black/ blonde and white hairs of aging.

Short Bob Haircut

This is a beautiful hairstyle that fits both professional and casual looks. Easy to accomplish, the short bob features an asymmetrical cut round the head leaving hair to fall on the cheeks or neck for those with slightly longer hair.

Short bob hairstyle for over 50 women
Short bob

The short bob is contemporary and trendy that would look great on a chubby face. What’s more, you can spice things up by adding short curls maybe bangs on the side, or change out the color of your hair a bit

Sassy Gray Pixie for Round Faces with Glasses

Best short hairstyle for over 50 with glasses
Over 50, round face with glasses Photo: Instagram / @ROBYN_STYLEDIT

For those cuties who glasses and have a round face, this is the cut you should rock it.

This pixie cut looks more appealing when the sides are long enough to graze the cheeks.

With rectangular glasses, everything remains balanced.

Textured Bright Colored Pixie with Undercut

Bright Pixie with undercut

A bright fuchsia pixie with an undercut is another option for over 50 glass wearers.

The long straight locks are tousled on top, and the shadow of the dark roots adds character and depth

The Pixie

A classic short haircut that blends well with just about anyone is the pixie haircut. What’s great about the style is that it’s low maintenance and very wicked to achieve.

Urban Pixie
Urban Pixie

The look itself is very youthful, therefore, it can take off a few years from the look.

Pixie haircuts moreover, can take away the extra fatty look on your face, giving it a perky appearance.

The Pixie With Long or Side Bangs

Pixie haircuts are short and sweet, regardless of your age. The pixie is surely going to turn heads.

A great idea to push things up a notch is by adding bangs. Either long or side bangs will all some flatter to the face and draw attention to the hair.

The side bangs moreover can hide any viable wrinkles so you don’t have to keep on pulling them.

Bob with Side Bangs

Bangs are also great with the boh haircut, especially if you opt to have a lob – long bob. Adding side bangs to bob reduces the stretch effect the bob has.

Instead of simply pulling down the hair making your facial skin look saggy, the bangs actually add volume, hence giving off a beautiful and stylish look on you.

The Spiked Pixie

The thing about a spiked pixie is that it can look too much if not executed well.

Spiked Pixie haircut

The purpose of the spikes is to keep the eyes focused on the hair rather than the face. Hence, keeping it leveled up is a great way to show you still got that fire in you.

The style is also fabulous for a chubby face because not only does it have a slimming effect, the spikes could pull up the skin a bit l, making the face seem tighter.

The Dirty Blonde Pixie

This is a classic look you would see on celebrities like Ellen Degeneres. It’s simply a cool look and very sleek.

dirty blonde pixie
Dirty blonde

Very low maintenance where you can just slide your fingers through to achieve that rugged or dirty look.

The Edgy Pixie

An edgy pixie is more contemporary than a professional. It’s smooth, easy on the eyes, and quite versatile. If you’re looking to add more elements to the style like bangs, it could only look better and more modern.

The Wavy Pixie

The last pixie style is the wavy pixie that works well with natural or wavy hair. The hair is flattened and brushed to whichever side you want.

Wavy Pixie

It has the least weight compared to the other styles and often doesn’t need much to pull off the looks.

For chubby faces, the look tends to flatten the top of the head of setting the roundness of your face.

Layered Wavy Hair

Short layered hair is a woman’s charm, especially if you’re over 50 and have that chubby full face.

Wavy layered hair
Wavy and layered

Waves are bouncy and more often than not volume makes everything look better.

Adding layers can be beneficial because you can adjust which side should look fuller or slimmer and it generally adds life to the look making it look youthful and modern.

A-Line Bob with Layers

The A-line bob is a very trendy high maintenance style that features a haircut that’s shorter towards the back of the head and longer as it gradually falls on the face.

The look never gets old as it keeps the face looking young and plush. The hairstyle will have a bouncy effect due to the angle of the cut that typically starts from the back of the neck, it ends up working its way between the chins and shoulders.

To keep this hairstyle even more trendy, consider using highlights in your hair.

Short Curly Hair

The last hairstyle is bubbly, short, curly, and looks amazing on anyone. The style is edgy as you’re using volume to keep the face looking young and vibrant.

Short Curly Hair
Short and Curly

To get the best results, you need to have dense, curly, or wavy hair to hold up the style. This way, the hair does need too much work to keep it perfect and sleek.

Hair Styles and Face Shapes

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