Triangle Face Shape Hairstyles for Male & Female

The triangle face shape can be in two dimensions,  either a straight triangle or an inverted triangle. For both options, they feature a strong jawline where the jaw is wider than the forehead and the chin is flat and square-shaped. The inverted triangles, however, will resemble the shape of a diamond.

The triangle face shape is rather interesting as all the hairstyles and haircuts one does, the main purpose is to balance out the jaw from its sharp edges and evening out the bottom appearance to seem smooth and curvy. Hence, there will be a lot of layering, pixie cuts, side-swept bangs, and more upright styles for men.

Let’s have a more intent look at the features of a triangle face shape and what hairstyles and haircuts one can incorporate here.

What is a Triangular Face Shape?

As mentioned above the triangle face shape is rather distinctive and bold than other shapes like round or square shapes. The forehead is narrow as the width increases moving downwards to the jawline. For those with smoother edges/ corners, it will be referred to as a pear face shape and the exact opposite to a heart shape/ diamond shape/ inverted triangle.

Diamond iverted traingle shape

Many people with this shape find it difficult to get a flattering hairstyle that suits them, seeing as the jaw is still pronounced regardless of the style you add to your hair. Nonetheless, it’s better than not trying to counter the usual characteristics.

If you’re unsure about having this particular face shape, here are a few features to counter check with;

  • Your face is longer rather than wider
  • The temple area/ forehead is the narrowest section of your face
  • Cheekbones are less pronounced and often unnoticeable
  • The jaw is the widest part of your face. Very angular like a square or rectangle and the strongest point to this shape.

For those with an inverted triangle, the above features will be the complete opposite. The forehead is the widest part and the jawline very narrow.

Use a measuring tape or take a picture of your face and trace it around to emulate am image. Tou should get shape from there.


Now that you’re sure about this face shape, let’s have a look at some of the hair options the males have. Remember the main aim is to balance the jawline without thinning the forehead any further.

This can be achieved by adding a generous portion of volume on the top and the sides as well like bulking the head in lay man’s terms.

Here are the recommended hairstyles for men with a triangle face shape.

A Buzz Cut Hairstyle

The first incredible style you should try is the buzz cut. Very trendy on every group of men either old or young, formal or informal looks.

buzz cut

The buzz cut has three distinct styles;

  • The induction
  • The burr
  • The butch

The induction as the name suggests is the first in line for all freshers and newbies. It is the shortest variant among the three and comes closest to shaving without the use of a razor blade. You’ll simply cut the hair with a guard, hence the name ” 0 – cut”

Next is the burr, the hair is obviously a little longer than the former. The guards used to clip the hair are between one to two, that’s 0.45 to 0. 6 centimeters. The burr offers a compromise and balance between butch and induction.

Finally, the butch cut. This has the longest cut of between three guards, that’s between 3 (0.9 cm) and 5 (1.6 cm). The buzz cut from this variant favors those with large ways as well since the lock is very chiseled around its edges.

A Caesar Hairstyle

Ceasar, a French/ Latin terminology for a crop. It’s very low maintenance and easy to so to the hair.

caeser hairstyle

A very high fashioned style such as these is also ideal for receding hairlines and strong foreheads with a straight hairline. Not to mention the balance it has to angular jawline such as this one.

The Ceasar cut doesn’t have many specifications except the length can vary to as short as half an inch to over three inches. To make it even more stylish and designed, you can add other haircuts such as the taper or fade. This way it will really pop the cut.

More so, the French cut could retain its volume making it a very manageable look.

A Fade Crew Cut Hairstyle

This hairstyle is actually two in one, the fade and the crew cut. A crew cut is the most prevalent cut for very short hair.

Fade Crew

It has multiple variations from the regulated cut with a higher top to emulate a small version of mohawk and the Ivy League, which leaves enough hair for bangs or a side part.

This is a very traditional and timeless haircut that can be done on just about any hair, but mostly for short hair.

The fade, on the other hand, is a shaving technique where the barber plays around with the hair in terms of its height and length so as to offer you the best hairdo. Fade is usually paired up with many other haircuts such as the comb-over, faux hawks and Pompadour.

You can choose between a high, medium to low fade depending on the length of your hair and intended hairstyle.

A Side Part Hairstyle

This is also more of a technique rather than a hairstyle. The barber will trim the hair down on one line parting the hair into two segments.

side part men

The hair is then pronounced by adding contrasts to the hair as well as making it easier to style. The side part is often combined with other hairstyles such as the buzz cut, crew cut,  and undercut so you can make those haircuts appear more stylish and cool.

A Fringe Hairstyle

Fringe is not just a female style. In fact, many male counterparts look great with a fringe. This style, however, requires hair to play around with.

Fringe Haircuts Men

The back and sides will fall to the back leaving the front area open for sweeping, which is where you add the fringe.

For this face shape, try an angular fringe where the top part is cut at an angle to leave it as the main focus if the face. This is also why the style is often combined with others such as the undercut and fade.

What’s most fascinating about this style is that the fringe can be placed vertically or to the side of your head. It can be tousled, pointed, short, or uneven with a textured finish.

An Undercut Hairstyle

Finally, the undercut. This is a modern style that downplays for another haircut. It’s versatile enough to be used with many other styles, however, the cut is rather sharp and angular. It cuts across the top and the sides of the hair to give is a more focused appeal.

Mens Undercut for triangular face

Because the look isn’t clean like the fade, it’s exactly what makes this the perfect style for this face shape. There’s a clear line separating the top of the head, giving an illusion on a v shape or a crown at the top.

Hairstyles for Women with Triangle Face

For the female, here are some of the most flattering hairstyles you can rock with your triangle face shape.


From the basic bangs, side bangs, and French bangs a triangular face can rock just about any bangs.

bangs hairstyle triangle face women

The idea is to add a touch of heftiness to that hairdo so the face appears wider at the forehead where to would originally appear slim. Keep the bangs longer than the eye level and incoherent with the cheekbones.

Touch up at the roots as well with some teasing the hair looks pompous and blunt. This means you’ll have a bigger forehead which is great for balancing the wide jaw you’re blessed with.

Heavy Fringe

Similar to the bangs, you can also try on a heavy fringe. Shag and cut your hair at the front so the fringe cuts across the forehead giving a fullness impression. Not only is this look modern and attractive, but its subtle and also has a softer approach than the next hairstyle.


Rounded Fringe

An altercation to the heavy fringe is the rounded fringe. This is a good choice for either triangle face shapes or the inverted triangle. The idea is to have thick bangs surround the forehead in a semi-circular shape. This should balance the strong jawline.

Tousled waves

For all women with an angular jawline, you want to take the attention of the prominent jaw, therefore, adding tousled waves will do the trick. They work well with bobs, tapered hairstyles, and extremely long hair.

Tousled waves
Tousled waves

Chin-grazing layers.

Layering is a great idea for people with an angular jawline. Whether you choose to pair it with a bob or any other style, the layers to have a softening effect that works wonders to sharp edges around the face.

Chin Grazing layers

This particular style features a chin-length bob with added layers to add texture to the hair. If you don’t like waves or curls, then add volumizing agents such as leave-in conditioners and sprays.

Alternatively, you can try the choppy layered design. It’s a softer version to bangs since you only lift the top part and leave the bottom to soften itself.

Low, chic updo.

If you have short hair there are numerous styles you can tag that are low maintenance and still great in style. Examples of great up updos include the female version of a pompadour, faux hawks, and pixie cuts. They add more width to the top, therefore, making your face appear more symmetrical.

Straight Hairstyles

You don’t have to rock waves and curls all the time, you can opt for straight hairdos with a Shoulder-dusting lob style.

Straight Hairstyles

Just blow dry or flat iron your hair and add a volumizing spray, then style your hair into a bob with a side part divider.

Make sure the cut is more than half the forehead so it lands smoothly on one side more than the other.

Hair Styles and Face Shapes

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