Two Tone Hair Color Ideas

If you are tired of the ordinary and boring hairstyles and colors, 2-tone hair hue is exactly what you should give a shot. It is unique and at least will give you that eye-catching touch that will make everyone turn their head. Two-tone hair color as its name suggests is a blend of two separate yet complementary shades that create an interesting contrast either as subtle highlights or as an ombre look.

Here are two-tone hair color ideas including burgundy and blonde, burgundy highlight on black, red on blonde, half and half, brown, short medium and long hair, with pictures plus how to do it at home.

Two-Tone Burgundy and Blonde Hair

If you are the queen who goes for something that will make you stand out, two tone burgundy and blonde is all you need to make a striking statement.

This 2-tone hair variation gives your hair vibrant flair and suddenly brings it to life. The usual way is to dye your hair dark on the top and lighter at the bottom but you have all the freedom to add your creativity.

Two tone Burgundy and blonde hair
Burgundy and blonde

Two Tone Burgundy Highlights on Black Hair

For ladies with black hair, a touch of burgundy, especially red highlights, can give your locks unique and beautiful look. The contrast between these vivid colors can look exceptional on any hair type.

It is also important to note that burgundy highlights may not show up if you have dark hair. A bright shade of burgundy can do the trick. Bleaching your hair until it gets to a brown or red tone first is a good idea when you want to go from dark hair to burgundy.

two tone burgundy highlight black hair
Burgundy highlight dark hair

Half and Half Two Tone Hair

Half and half hair, sometimes referred to as split dye, is a revolutionary concept for bold women. It involves dividing the hair right down the middle and dyeing each half a different color. This creates a crisp line down the center of your head for a symmetrical look. The colors can range from subtle, natural colors to bold contrasting colors. 

half and half two tone hair
Half and Half
Split two tone hair
Perfect split

Two Tone Red and Blonde Hair

Red and blonde hair has been spotted by a few young pop artists in the late 90s like Christina Aguilera and is still seen in women of all ages today.

Red and blonde two tone hair idea
Red and blonde

This combo is best achieved at a salon as bleaching your hair and having red in the right sections of your hair to show through is hard to achieve at home.

Two Tone Blonde Hair Ideas

Natural Blondes that want to try out the two toned look will look great with natural dark blonde roots and platinum blonde tips, light blonde hair with black tips, or blonde as base color with teal, red, or purple highlights.

Two Tone Ideas for Brown Hair

Those with brown hair who want to experiment with the two-toned look will look great with caramel, red, black, and copper blonde highlights and low-lights as well as purple or magenta tones for an extra creative note.

Following are details with photos.

Brown and caramel

Brown and caramel are one of the most popular two-tone looks as it compliments any eye color and skin tone; from pale-skinned women with green eyes to golden dark-skinned women like Beyonce and Tyra Banks.

Brown and caramel two tone
Brown and Caramel

Black and brown

Black and brown is another popular two-tone hair color look embraced by many female celebrities and women who want to add more depth to their dark hair without looking crazy.

Black and Brown

This is one of the easiest looks to get at home and you can get this simply by applying the black as your base color in the roots and middle parts of your hair, and then dye your hair a frosty cinnamon brown, using very thin sections at a time.

Brown and red

Brown and red is a lighter variation of the black/red two-toned style that looks less gothic and warmer than the first.

Brown and red 2-tone
Brown and red

If you have natural medium brown hair, simply take a red hair dye with a warm undertone and do some highlights or low lights after dividing your hair and taking out thin random sections.

Short Hair Two Tone Hairstyles

Those with short hair can pull off most two-tone looks as long as the second color they choose is at least two shades lighter or darker than their base color. Otherwise, the result might now show through because of the length.

Some good ideas you could try out are blonde hair with thin highlights and tips, brown hair with ginger blonde highlights, or if you want something more crazy, a light blue base color with deep purple highlights or a pastel pink with teal or gray tips.

Short hair two tone ideas
Brown Blonde
Short Hair Ideas

Ideas for Medium Length Hairstyles

Medium length hair can sport any two-toned combo. Some good ideas for medium length hair are: ginger blonde highlights, ombre hair with darker roots and light blonde or copper blonde tips, and hair in crazy shades for young urban women who want to experiment with their color.

Two tone ideas for medium hair
Blonde Pink

Ideas for Long Hair.

If you have long strands of hair, here are some two-tone ideas to give our locks a stunning look.

Two tone Hair Ideas long hair
Black and yellow Ombre
Blue and blonde
Blue and blonde
Neon Blue and Purple
Blue and purple
two tone soft purple
Soft Purple+ Brown

African American(Black Girls) two tone hair color ideas.

For African Americans and other black girls from all over the globe, 2-tone will look best in two-tone shades that have warmer hues like brown chestnut hair with caramel ombre lowlights and mocha brown hair with light golden tips.

African American
Two tone Afro Curls
Blackgirl two tone

Ideas for Brunettes

Brunettes who want to achieve a natural two-toned look can leave their natural hair roots dark as they are and lightly bleach the middle to bottom parts of the hair for a nice ombre fade out look.


Dark brown or black hair and red lower parts or tips are also great for spicing up your natural dark hair color.

Two Tone Hairstyles+ Pictures

Two tone hair color bobs.

Bobs that are extra short will look their best in crazy colors or a second color that is at least two shades lighter or darker like a purple in blonde hair or red hair with black tips or blonde hair with black tips.

Two Tone Bob

Black and purple

Two-toned black and purple hair is great for those who want to achieve a more gothic and mysterious look and emphasize their features. To get this, simply use a raven black shade as your base color and purple as your highlight color (it looks best on top rather on the bottom).

Red and black

Red and black is also another option for those who want something dark yet a tad warmer than going for purple highlights.

Two tone red and black on medium hair
Red and black

The process is the same as the steps above but unlike purple red will show through both as a highlight and lowlight-ombre tip look.

Here is a good collection of pictures with various color combos and hair lengths:

Dark brown base color with bright magenta red highlights on the front of the hair:

Twp tone -dark brown base red magenta highlights
Brown with red magenta highlights

A natural, two-toned ombre and low light look:

Ombre with low lights

An ombre look with a burgundy base color and medium warm blonde tips:

2 tone- ombre look with-burgundy-base
Ombre look with burgundy base

A crazy two toned hair color with half of the hair painted black and the other a pale pink blonde:

two tone black pale pink
Black pale pink
Gray and neon Yellow
Gray and neon Yellow

Two Tone Hair Underneath

Two-toned hair color that is dark in the roots and light on the bottom or vice versa is a very popular choice and matches almost any age and skin tone.

How to do a two Tone Hair Color-Techniques

There are actually quite a few techniques to get that two-toned look, depending of course on the depth of color you want to achieve.

The basic technique however, is as follows: Natural or crazy base color all over + random sections, lowlights/highlights with a second color with the help of a highlighter cap or directly over your hair mixed with creme developer (unless the hair dye specifies that no developer is necessary).

To start dying your hair two tones, divide the sections you wish to apply your first base color (or leave your hair as it is), typically from the roots to the middle shaft of your hair, and follow with the second color to the rest of your hair e.g tips.

To make the result look more subtle, use a second color that is one shade darker or lighter than your base color–for more dramatic and popping results, use a second color that is  2-3 shades darker or lighter than your base color.

Even more Gorgeous Ideas

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