About Us

Welcome to Hair Sentry. We are glad you are here.

Hair Sentry is a website dedicated to help you get it right when choosing your hair colors and hair dyes. Here, you will find guides on matching different hair colors, tips for buying affordably, celebrity hair color trends and much more.

Who is Behind HairSentry?

Our domain was recently registered under one of our associates and contributors, Emy Jones. However, the management team includes Ava Jone, a hair stylist, Melissas Walker, a beauty and style professional based in Michigan, and contributors who we are still adding to the list. Each of these have their unique profiles here.

Where Are We Located?

Since HairSentry is a global website, we have just established various small offices (virtual) in four cities around the world: Michigan, New Delhi, Nairobi and New York. We hope to expand our locations in the coming days.

How to Contact Us

You can write us an email straight away if you have any questions, comment or suggestion. Please use our Contact Us Form to give us feedback. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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