Caramel Blonde Hair Color-With Highlights, Balayage + Dye Ideas

Caramel blonde hair color is a unique and stylish balance of blonde and brown that complements a variety of skin tones. It is a rich and vibrant shade of medium blonde that resembles the color of toffee and caramel and has warm undertones.

Caramel blonde hair highlights or the color on its own blends seamlessly with almost all skin-tones though it looks especially good in those with hazel, light brown, and blue eyes. If you want to dye your hair a shade of blonde that doesn’t look too pale and ashy, a warm caramel blonde the perfect choice for you.

Caramel blonde hair color
Caramel blonde hair color

Caramel Blonde Hair Highlights

Caramel blonde highlights on black hair

Caramel blonde highlights on black or dark brown hair is a trend seen by many celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Keira Knightley, Mila Kunis, and Rosario Dawson. This is a relatively easy combo to achieve at home and there are kits with all the dyes and essential tools you will need to get caramel blonde highlights.

You could try L’Oreal Feria highlighting kit in C65 (Caramel Blonde) which is suited for dark brown or medium brown hair, and Garnier Nutrisse Multi Lights Highlighting kit in H3/Warm Bronze (also suited for those with black, dark brown, or medium brown hair to begin with).

Caramel blonde and red highlights

Caramel blonde and red highlights are a bit tricky to achieve at home as you’ll need to dye your hair 3 separate shades that must blend nicely with each other-otherwise, the result will look a bit fake and unnatural. If you want to go DIY here is the formula:

A dark or medium brown shade as your base color (it should be 1-2 shades darker than your highlight color for the highlights to show through) and a light caramel blonde like L’oreal Majirel 9.03 mixed with 30 vol. developer +  L’oreal Majirel in a warm copper red color like shade 7.40 or 8.46 mixed with 30 vol. deloper.

The basic steps are as follows:

No 1: If you have already black or brown hair as your base color, you may skip this step. If your hair is a light brown or dirty blonde, you will have to dye in a rich dark chocolate or mocha brown for the highlights to pop. L”oreal Recital Preference in shade 4.15 Caracas/Iced Chocolate and Revlon Colorsilk in 113 Chocolate Brown are great for your base color.

No 2: Wash and rinse your hair and let it dry completely until you begin adding the highlights. Apply a highlight cap (optional) and take out random thin sections of hair from its small holes with the help of a thin dye brush tip.

No 3: Apply the caramel blonde hair color (don’t forget to mix it with developer in equal amounts) to various hair strands that are at least 1 ½ inch from each other.  Apply the red color (again mixed with a developer separately) in the sections in-between, or as a low-light color if you don’t want to add highlights on the same level. Wait for 30-40 minutes and rinse off as usual.

Caramel Blonde on Short hair ideas
Short hair

Caramel Brown hair with blonde Highlights

Blonde highlights on a caramel brown hair result to a natural yet appealing look that can turn eyes on almost all occasions. Following is a look at this gorgeous combo.

Caramel Brown with blonde highlights

Caramel Honey Blonde

This the perfect balance of a rich, light brown and a bright and vibrant blonde. It can also be described as a blend of dark and warm blonde with light brown.

It is a versatile hair color compliments nearly every skin tone. It is the perfect hue to consider as you cross from summer to fall.

Caramel Honey Blonde
Honey Blonde

Caramel Blonde Balayage

If all you want a sun-kissed appearance, caramel blonde is the answer. This hue brightens your overall look while ensuring that the darks remain at the base.
Here are the steps and ingredients

Blonde Hair with Caramel Lowlight

caramel lowlights on blonde hair can give you a super cute and modern look if have not only the right skin tone but also the appropriate cut. Try them on curly styles on a cool skin tone

Blonde Hair Caramel Lowlights
Camel Lowlights

Following are more low-light ideas

Medium mahogany brown with caramel low-lights:

Medium mahogany brown lowlights
Medium mahogany brown lowlights

Black  base color with caramel/coffee bean low-lights:

Black base color with caramel low lights
Black base color with caramel low lights

Caramel Blonde Ombre

Caramel Ombre hair is very popular among women of all ages who want to look in-fashion without making a crazy statement and suits many different eye colors and skin tones.

Caramel blonde ombre hair is best achieved at a salon, as it requires a natural fading out result rather than a  two-toned look that has obvious lines of division. If you want to go DIY though, you can purchase a special ombre kit like L’Oreal Preference in Wild Ombre no 1.

Tip: To get a more natural fading out finish that looks professional, divide your hair into two sections lengthwise (as if you’ll make two big braids) and make simple braid with two or three stands.

Apply the ombre caramel blonde color in the middle section on your hair with lighter strokes and apply the rest of the mixture to the tips of your braided hair, adding more emphasis and dye as you go.

Caramel Blonde Hair Color Chart

Caramel blonde comes in few shades, ranging from caramel light brown to medium caramel blonde and light caramel blonde which is the latest shade of the caramel blonde range. Here are a few swatches for each:

Dark caramel blonde with a subtle frosty finish:

Dark caramel blonde color
Dark Caramen

Medium caramel blonde with copper undertones:

Medium caramel blonde
Medium Caramel

Light caramel blonde/strawberry blonde:

Light caramel blonde
Light caramel

Best Caramel Blonde Hair Dye for Black Hair and other Hair types

Best for black/dark hair

Black or dark brown hair can achieve a caramel blonde shade by mixing in a professional grade hair dye and 30% vol. developer for a dark or medium caramel blonde or a 40%  volume developer for a light caramel blonde in equal parts of each.

Here is a picture of caramel blonde hair color

caramel blonde hair color on black girl
Caramel on dark skin

Some good formulas for this purpose are:

L’Oreal Majirel in shade 9.03 (one part) + shade 8.3 (half part) + 1 ½ part of 30 vol. developer

Davines professional hair mask color in shade 6.04 (one part) + shade 8.04 (half part) + 1 ½ part of 30 vol. developer.

If you want to try a DIY home kit, some good suggestions for dark hair as a starting base are:

  • L’Oreal casting Creme Gloss in shade caramel. This is semi-permanent formula for those with dark hair that just want to experiment with a caramel shade temporarily but don’t want to commit full. The formula has special conditioning agents like aloe vera and green tea which nourish the hair shaft and add a touch of natural shine.
  • Clairol nice’n’ easy line in shade 6W/Light Caramel brown. This is a true caramel brown shade with neutral to warm undertones and a formula that blends three hues to give it a natural and radiant finish.
  • Garnier Nutrisse in shade HL2-Warm Caramel. This a true medium caramel shade with neutral to warm undertones and a formula that offers extra lifting for dark hair. The formula also containing nourishing avocado oils for conditioning and adding a radiant glossy look to the hair.
  • Best for other hair types. Some good caramel blonde choices for all hair types and colors are: L’Oreal Excellence in shade 7.31 (Dark  Caramel Blonde), Revlon Luminista in shade 165 (Light Caramel Brown) and Garnier Nutrisse in shade 6.3/Caramel Golden Light Brown.

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