Hair Color for Olive Skin

If you have an olive skin tone with other features like amber eyes, brown eyes, dark brown eyes, green eyes or even olive skin and blue or hazel eyes, here are ideas that can help you get the right color for flattering looks.

We have broken down what brunette shades, brown shades, and blonde hair would look like on olive skin tones.

Some women have an olive complexion with greenish undertones, others with golden undertones, and a wide range of other features that determine if you have warm or cool undertones.

When determining what hair colors look good on olive skin, these features go a long way in helping. You definitely want your hair to enhance your skin and make it look healthy. So, what are the best hair colors for olive skin tone?

Best Hair Color for Olive Skin Tone

The major characteristic of women with an olive skin tone is the variation of the two undertones. You are likely to have either yellow undertones or green undertones.

Best brown hair color for olive skin complexion
Brown hair shades look good on olive skin tone.

Another major characteristic that you may not like with your skin is that it may have a tendency of producing a little bit too much oil and therefore you might have large pores on your skin. When choosing hair colors that suit you, you might want to consider this.

  • Brown hair shades: People of olive skin can wear a range of brown hues and still look good. However, this, as we shall see below, will have to match well with your undertones and eye color.
  • Blonde hair colors: Well, so far, blonde hair dye and its shades are the most common, and by far, the most flattering for both cool skin and warm skin tones.
  • Red hair colors: You can also wear red hair colors but these have to be chosen very carefully if especially if you have cool undertones.
  • Consider Eye Color: Below, we have described the best hair colors for olive skin and dark brown eyes, brown eyes and even green eyes.

Your skin tone alone is not enough. Since most women are classified to be of neutral skin tones or medium complexion, other factors may as well kick in to help in the choice of good shades. For instance, age is a factor here and you want to get anti-aging hair colors. These colors will help you hide your age effectively.


Warm Olive Skin Tone

One of the biggest questions to ask yourself when selecting a good hue for your olive skin is whether you have a cool or warm undertone. For women with warm undertones, that is those with golden and yellow complexions, going warmer is the best move.

Tip: Choose from golden blondes, mocha browns, caramel colors, auburn and chestnuts. You can also wear reds, including light copper reds, golden copper and red blondes.

best hair color for Warm undertones and medium brown olive skin
Warm undertones and medium brown skin

Cool Undertones and Olive Skin

True olive skins are actually cool. Therefore, try to choose naturally cool hues to wear as these will highlight most of the features of your complexion including your eye colors.

Here are some of the shades you should try as you find what will suit you perfectly. Honey, ash, platinum blondes, blue blacks, and brunette ash browns; dark copper, violet, and burgundies for red hues.

Tip: Dark olive skin will not look good with platinum and ash blonde and light blonde colors.

Best Hair Color for Olive Skin and Hazel Eyes

An olive or neutral or medium complexion looks great when the hazel eyes are well highlighted.

So, what do you do to make them pop? But what hair color looks best with olive skin and hazel eyes? You can definitely try anything from blonde to even dark hair or shades of ombre and brunette colors.

What about hazel green eyes? Well, according to Short Hair Style website, they recommend that women with hazel green eye color should try on red hair dyes. The same should go for people with bright green eyes. Bright auburn is also cool, especially if your eyes are dark hazel green. This hue will make your eye color stand out.

For that flattering effect you are looking for, you can pull off dark shades and some cool reds. However, if you do have olive skin and cool undertones, you should avoid light blonde hair colors.

Try to stick with shades of dark brown hair colors or just simple black hair. Let the flecks in your eyes help determine the dominant color you should go with.

For example, do you have hazel green eyes? Do you have hazel brown eyes? Are they more of grey eyes? It is very easy to end up camouflaging your eyes if you do not choose the right hair color here. And what about women with brown and dark brown eyes?

Best Hair Color for Olive Skin and Brown Eyes

Brown eyes are likely to be the most common, but still there’s a slight variation when it comes to them. For instance, you could be having dark brown eyes, or hazel brown eye color. Generally, people with medium skin, and those with pale olive skin can wear some shades of blonde and borrow some hair color ideas from celebrities such as Jessica Alba and Kim Kardashian.

Kardashians blonde phase
Kardashian’s blonde phase with golden brown eyes

Here are the best hair color ideas for brown eyed, medium skin toned girls:

  • If your natural hair color is dark, you can look good if you choose to leave the roots of your hair dark and then from midway through to the tips, go with honey blonde hair dye.
  • You could also try on an ashy base and then apply a darker shade at the top.
  • Fancy an espresso dye? Well, your colorist can do an espresso base and then go all the way and do sandy brown highlights. This will give your olive skin a warm feel, while allowing you to show your brown eyes well.

Dark Brown Eyes

Do you have dark brown eyes? Well, one thing I have learned is that dark brown eyes can easily pop and sometimes become overwhelming. However, not when you are wearing dark bangs. Any of the range of brown shades we have discussed here might suit you well.

Generally as you know, dark colors will suit an olive skin tone so I would recommend medium brown, dark brown, black and even darker blonde as good hair colors for olive skin tone and dark brown eyes.

For that flattering look, you can try to go two shades darker or lighter than your natural hair color. This idea will still look good for you as well.

Best Hair Color for Olive Skin and Green Eyes

What is the best hair color for olive skin and green eyes? General rules for women with warm skin and cool skin for medium skin tone girls are that darker shades will suit you well. If you are going for salon hair dye and hairdos, then you will most likely end up with a well-chosen shade of browns that will look great on your green eyes.

However, if you are planning to do an at-home hair dye, then choose black or something like chocolate brown. Dark colors will provide a good scale of contrast and let your eyes show.

You could also choose ashy medium browns and add some subtle highlights in caramel. Bold beige highlights will also do well. If you want some lowlights too to go with this ashy medium brown hair color for olive skin tone and green eyes, then choose mahogany lowlights.

Red Hair Color Shades

What is the best red hair color for olive skin tone? If your skin has green undertones, then you are best complemented with red shades. However, you do not necessarily need to go for a bold red. Try on auburn brunette looks and strawberry blondes.

Best red hair color for olive skin
Red hues look good too.

However, if you have red undertones, then cooler shades of red will do. Choose violet red to mocha browns.

Also, regardless of your undertones, dark reds will look great on you. So feel free to choose from light copper colors to red blondes.

If you are looking for that ultimate flattering look, then go for violet colors, dark copper colors, and burgundies. These red colors will always work best for you regardless of the color hints underneath your wrists. What if you are looking for brown hair colors? Let’s find out.

Brown Hair Dye Shades

What is best brown hair shades for olive skin? Browns are by far the most popular shades. But can they add that radiance you may be looking to add to your golden and yellow undertones? Well, browns are neutral hair colors for olive skin and will suit people of both warm and cool skin complexions.

Almost all shades of browns, plus some highlights will look good for you. Some starting ideas would light brown shades, mid brown hues and dark brown as well. Choose them according to the natural hair color that you have. For example, if you have naturally black hair, go for dark or mid brown dyes.

Blonde Hair Color for Olive Skin

What hair color ideas for olive skin tones will suit me? If you have brown eyes, whether light brown or dark, blonde hair can really look good on medium skin tone. For example, brown eyes with brown flecks or flakes of gold can be enhanced with golden blonde shades. So what is the best shade of blonde for your skin tone?

Blue eyes with blonde
Blue eyes with blonde
  • The general rule that always works all the time is that if you think you have hints of a pink undertone, you should try to avoid the warm blondes. “It will make the skin look flushed in the same way that wearing a red shirt might.” (Refinery29 – How to Pick the Right Blonde). In such a case, choose sandy blondes or beige shades of blonde.
  • To specifics now, women with olive skin tone and want blonde hair dye should choose golden blonde shades. These will make the face appear less green and actually look warmer, younger and healthy. This might actually be the best hair color for olive skin over 40.
  • You can also try on some shades of strawberry blondes, buttery and honey-blond colors.
  • If your skin is neutral and you still want to go blonde, I would recommend both warm and cool hues of blonde especially if you do not have either pink or green undertones.
  • For cool skin tones, try strawberry blondes, honey blondes, platinum and ash blondes.

Best Hair Color for Asian Olive Skin

According to Visual Makeover, most Asians are of brown skin with golden undertones. Their skin is warm, or true olive.

Latinos may fall into the category of the cool undertones. For Asian women, the skin is not entirely white or pale. They look more like beige or close to pale.

best hair color for asian olive skin
Asian olive skin,
  • Although you can dye your hair with shades between orange and blond, not all Asians are able to pull it off and look great. It is a trial and error thing with this hair color for Asian olive skin.
  • The basic rule here if you are Asian with warm undertones, try to avoid shades of jet black hair, white dyes, blue and violet. These tend to wash you out.
  • Warm gold, rich reds and golden blond shades will work well for you.

There are other variations when it comes to eye color and skin color. For instance, some people have golden-brown eye color, or what is normally known as amber eyes.

To choose the best hair color for olive skin and amber eyes, you will need to try on the range of colors we have suggested for women with hazel brown eyes.


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