Best Hairstyles for Rectangular Face Shape Male & Female

Rectangular face shape has four sharp edges around the face with an elongated length between the forehead and jawline. With a strong jaw and a prominent forehead, the appearance is mostly stiff with no softness like the oval or oblong face shapes.

The best hairstyles and cuts for a rectangular face soften the sharp corners without making the face appear any longer. A soft layered cut, which enhances the cheekbones disguising the strong physique of a rectangular face is great. Waves, curls, and high buns are good options as well.

Following is a list of more styles and cuts for both men and women.

What is a Rectangular face shape?

Rectangular face shape has twice the length measurement compared to its width. Moreover, the jar and hairline for a square shape to emphasize the sharp corners with fairly straight sides and an unnoticed cheek area.

Many claim the rectangle face is a hybrid of the oval long face shape with a square-shaped face. This is because of the face us rather smooth except the angular edges similar to that of a square. Some of the characteristics of a rectangular face shape include;

  • Square jawline and forehead/ area around the temple
  • A face length about 1.5 times its width
  • High foreheads
  • Angular jaws
  • Pronounced nose region
  • Slim cheekbone section

Male Hairstyles

Rectangular face shape is similar to a square-shaped except the face is longer. For men, this means that you can have similar hairstyles as for the square-shaped men, however, be keen to avoid lengthening the face any further. Here are since of the most common haircuts and styles for men.

A Buzz Cut Hairstyle

This is a low cut haircut designed using electric clippers. It’s a simple yet sophisticated style that incorporates more than one design including a crew cut, Ivy League, or butch cut.

Men Buzz cut with purple hair
Buzz Cut

The secret behind getting the best buzz cut lays in the barber’s skill of cutting very close to the head, this way, the hair seamlessly shapes as you’d like.

The reason as to why a buzz cut looks phenomenal on a rectangular face is because of its sharp edges. For years, the haircut has been the go-to style for a formal yet conventional style. Its very low maintenance and can be used even with a thin and regarding hairline. Furthermore, the buzz cut can be used with other haircuts such as the fade, side part hairstyle, or the undercut.

A Fringe Hairstyle

Next up is the fringe. Most of you may assume this is more of a feminine hairstyle – true, but it can also look great on men. Also referred to as the bang, a fringe is where the hair is pulled to the front to lie either on the forehead or the sides.

Fringe Haircuts Men
Fringe Haircuts

Mostly if it lies to the side it’s a bang.  The fringe can be used on just about any length of hair but it’s best seen on medium to short hair.

Using long hair could transform the hair into a comb-over hairstyle which is equally classy for rectangular face shapes. variables to the design include adding more volume to the hair, trimming the sides like an undercut, and doing a bob cut.

A fringe is an excellent choice for rectangular faces since they widen the forehead section. More width at the top ease attention to the long face.

A Side Part Hairstyle

If you’re one of those people who assume they have a dominant side of the face then this is definitely good to style.

side part men
Side part

A side part hairstyle/ haircut is where the barber cuts a vertical line through your hair divine it into two sections. The design is very masculine and equally adds volume to the hair or so does the style aim to do.

The side part is quite an easy style to incorporate, all you need to know are three things;

  • Volume or no volume – there’s no strict guideline as to which one comes off better, its more of a personal decision.
  • Where to part – either left or right, the choice is still yours. Most barbers will recommend a cut close to the ears.
  • Holding gel or no – also a personal choice. The gel is meant to keep the style in place for longer.

A Pompadour Hairstyle

The pompadour hairstyle is yet another hair design borrowed from the women’s collection. Popularly worn by Elvis Presley, it gained its market by being posh, classy, and textured.

Pompadour Hairstyle men

It was seen as a versatile hairstyle, worn by people of all ages. What’s more, the style can be tailored alongside other haircuts including a fade and an undercut.

There have been several alterations to this style including the Mohawk. This is where the hair on top of the head is longer and more pulp than other the sides. For this design, you need long hair; above four inches. The other design is a classic or rather a modernized version where the sides are also long and slicked back. However, the sides are alose faded either low, medium, or high fade.

A Comb Over Hairstyle

A comb-over hairstyle is just as it sounds. The hair is combed over other sections of the hair to add volume to it. It’s a very good style for rectangular faces since the style will smoothen the sharp edges of the face shape. This style is also prevalently used to conceal balding and receding hairlines.

A Man Bun Top Knot Hairstyle

A man bun just like the combover and the pompadour requires you to have long hair. Thie manly style all needs gathering of the hair into a ponytail and you’re done. You have the option to choose between a top knot or low bun, but the point is hair is held up on one point giving clean look around the face.

Man Bun Top Knot
Man bun

The man bun is a good choice for rectangular faces since it’s a technique that’s meant to embrace the sharp face shape rather than trying to hide it. Moreover, the style works great if you’re also shaping your beard mustache. Undercuts and other haircuts can be used alongside the man bun.

A Men’s Shaved Head Style

It’s popular, It’s basic, it’s the bald head hairstyle. For many people, rocking a shaved head has been a rather difficult thing to do as people believe design is all shoot how the hair is shaped. But that’s just a stereotype. numerous famous people like actors, singers, and even influence persons have adapted and shaved head  and they look nothing short of exquisite.

The clean shaved head for the rectangular face means the individual has to leverage other facial hairs like the beard so the attention is set on that rather than the face or hair. 

Female Hairstyles

With the same idea in mind, there are three factors one can consider to keep the face-flattering without making it elongated. That’s by cutting down the length of hair against the face, adding volume, and using cuts to style the shape accordingly. Let’s have a look at some hairstyles you can try out.

Adding Layers

You can definitely not go wrong with adding layers to your hair. They open up the cheek area meaning it will also soften the edges while cutting down the four sharp corners of a rectangle face.


The other idea behind layering is to cut down on the length, you should never wear excessive ling hair as it will only make the face seem more lengthy.

Use Blowouts

Try adding curls and waves to the hair because they will reduce the natural length of the hair while adding onto its volume.

Blow outs

Added volume to the silhouette gives your face a more horizontal look which is what you should be aiming for.


Just because you have a long face doesn’t mean you can’t rock an updo. Of course, you don’t want to look like a pineapple which is why you have to be sleek about doing updos.

Updos hairstyling for rectangular-faced women

Go for a higher updo that will accentuate your corners. Yes, you’re going for a reverse psychology idea; you want to make the face more embellished hence, there will be no need to hide the edges.


Yet another hairstyle you can’t give wrong with. There are various kinds of bangs you can use from a blunt bang, french bang, side bangs, and much more.


The side bangs are a better choice since the other two types can give off a boxy impression, something you’re not looking for. Side bangs, however, will be smoother around the edges, especially if you’re going for a curtain bang look.

You always want your fringe to lie to the front straight ahead or slightly swept back. The fringe will work best with a ponytail since laid back hair can also elongate the face further.

A-Line Cut

The final step to hacking a flattering hairstyle with a rectangle face is with a line haircut that’ll diffuse the sharp angular corners of the face.

A-line cut style
A-line Cut

The longer parts of the hair will lie to the front weighing it down as it lays in the cheeks. This way, the sharpness of your face will be disguised. Pair this cut with other fashionable designs like a bob or a side bang.

With such pleasing hairstyles, you do want to keep a note of these few key issues.

  • Refrain from adding fullness to the crown of your head if there isn’t much volume at the sides to fall back on.
  • Don’t part hair in the middle, especially if it’s long and straight.
  • Keep off from long hairs, even curls and waves can only do so much.
  • Don’t leave the neck wanting as it will only expose your angular jaws even more.

Hair Styles and Face Shapes

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