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Does dark ash brown hair color look good on you? Brown hair dyes have quite a number of shades, making it have a long list of tones and shades. Choosing the best hair color for you can be difficult even with the help of a brown hair dye chart whether it is highlights or just a full hair dye kit you are looking for. Here’s our guide on dark ash brown hair color ideas you can try and look most flattering.

Brown is diverse. It comes in many different shades like blonde and red hair dyes. From light brown hair colors to dark shades, we have something similar to the tonal scale of blondes ending with strawberry blonde hair color.

In this series of guides, you will learn which suitable hair dyes are best for you from the following:

Dark ash brown hair color for olive skin
Olive skin and dark ash brown hair dye.
  • Chocolate brown
  • Reddish brown
  • Golden brown
  • Burgundy
  • Copper
  • Cinnamon brown
  • Mocha
  • Mahogany
  • Caramel and a few other shades

Ash brown hair color is a cool hair color shade in the range of the rich browns that make the bulk of the brunette hair colors. Most people use dark brown ash hair dye to get rid of red hair that forms in their mane, making it a utility hair color for fixing natural hair color problems.

Before you go shopping around to get a good dark ashy brown hair dye, you must know if it is the right hair color choice for your skin tone and eye color.

Generally, brown hair colors look good on people with naturally brown hair.

This is because when dyeing, you only need to stay within three to four shades of your natural hair color. Below in this guide is a list of the best dark ash brown hair dyes that you can buy for your new hair color ideas.

Lauren Ashley of the Neil George Blog for hair colorists suggests that darker shades of ash brown hair color are good for both fall and winter.

If you are a brunette naturally, this hair dye will look great on you as you will have moved just a few shades up the hair color chart.

Dark Ash Brown Hair Color Ideas for Skin Tones and Eye Colors

Ash brown hair is a cool shade but might not be a very good idea for many people. It has hints of green pigments in it and that is why it is a cool toned hair dye. This greenish undertone will appear something closest to grayish tones. This cool tone in ash brown hair colors will help neutralize any excess warm undertones in your hair.

But who can wear ashy tones in general? When finding out the best dark ash brown hair color ideas, it is presumable that you already know if it matches well with your skin tones. Is it a suitable hair color for fair skin? What about olive skin and dark skin? There are a few generalized rules that can help you determine if ash brown is good for your skin tones. Let us find out who can wear the darkest ash brown hair dye and who cannot.

Dark ash brown hair color pictures
Side view dark ashy brown hair.
  • Generally, women with pink skin tone, or pink undertones in their complexion will look good with neutral tones. Other than ash blonde hair dyes, ash brown hair colors to dark brown ones are great choices for you.
  • Natural hair color is also another hint to help you when choosing the right shade of brown hair color to dye your hair with. For example, if your natural hair color is blonde to grey and you want to go brunette, a good ash brown hair color to choose would be a pale ash brown while if your natural hair color is closest to red, dark browns and dark ash brown would be suitable for you. Other hair color ideas and options for redheads include auburn and chestnut
  • Is your skin olive or has yellow to golden undertones? Do you have a tan skin tone? Hair Color Idea specialists recommend that you can wear darker ash brown shades.

Highlights for Dark Ash Brown Hair Color

Picture a cool dark ash brown hair color with highlights; how does it look on you? What color of highlights will look good with darker shades of ash brown hair dyes?

Well, there’s no very simple answer to this as your skin tone will determine almost the kind of highlights you will always wear. Eye colors too play a big role when determining the right shade to dye your hair.

Dark ash brown highlights
A darker shade of brown with light highlights.

Women with an olive skin tone, you can highlight your hair with ash blonde highlights.

The lighter shade will enhance your skin tone and also your eyes. Lighter highlights will enhance your facial features and help draw attention to it.

Other highlights that look good with a darker ashy brown hair dye include red highlights, caramel highlights and even light brown colors.

You should, however, consider the fact that if you stay within the same shade of ash brown, you will look good and natural. Just ensure that your highlights remain a little lighter to create the slight contrast that they are always meant to create.

Best Dark Ash Brown Hair Dye

What is the best dark ash brown hair dye? There are many brands out there but if you don’t choose a high quality product, you can easily damage your hair.

There are hair color products for thin hair, damaged hair and even straight hair. Some of the biggest complaint I have seen so far is dark ash brown hair dye turning hair green.

This is likely because you did not choose the right shade or are applying on hair that is poorly prepped for this. Another reason why the dye turns your hair green is that you are dying it on blonde hair. To avoid this, start with a light golden brown first.

Whether it is a drugstore hair dye or at home hair color, you want to choose a product that will not only look suitable on you but also one that does not fade so easily.

Here, I have listed a few brands that I would recommend as the best dark brown hair dyes from which you can get the darkest ash brown hair color, one that looks rich and vibrant.

L’Oreal Dark Ash Brown Hair Dyes

L’Oreal Paris Preference Fade Defying Color & Shine System is one of the best hair colors in this shade of brown you can try for a rich and luminous conditioning colorant. It is a fade-defying dye and will lock in a rich and vibrant color so that you don’t need to do too many touch ups.

The dark ash brown 4A from L’Oreal is a cool shade of brown that is permanent, and I would recommend that you dye your hair with it especially if you are looking to minimize red tones or cancel out orange tones in your hair.

If you have never experienced this product, ensure that you stay within 2 shades darker or lighter than your natural hair color.

For women or men with grey hair, at least 50 percent coverage on their heads, the results you are looking for with this dark ash brown hair dye might be a little different because you are likely to end up with a lighter shade than the darkest ash brown hair dye you hoped for.

You can check other brands such as Revlon Colorsilk and Clairol. Take caution not to use this permanent hair color if your hair has been dyed black already.

On normal use, however, you might experience a darker shade, which will turn to the right hue after some time according to user experiences and reviews I have read.

Dark Ash Brown Hair Color Pictures

When looking for hair color ideas and inspiration, these dark ash brown hair color pictures will help you picture how you will look once you dye your hair with it. According to L’Oreal, dark brown hair dyes with ash tones in them are suitable for people with cool skin tones as opposed to warmer skin tone girls.

If you have natural dark hair, then it will also come out even better. For women with a fair skin tone, dark ash brown like that of L’Oreal preference 4A on the color chart of dark ash brown will make you look washed out.

So, in order to get inspiration, I rounded up a few photos or pictures of dark ashy brown hair colors, some from celebrities and others models who prefer this shade.

See below the photos and I hope they will inspire you. Also, feel free to comment below and share your profile of skin tone, eye color and if you look good with a dark shade of ash brown.

Dark ash brown hair color ideas for brunettes - pictures Kristen Stewart
Dark ash brown hair color ideas for brunettes – pictures Kristen Stewart
Dark ash brown hair color
Dark ash brown hair color
Jessica Alba dark ash brown
Jessica Alba – celebrities with ash hair colors
Katie Holmes Dark ash brown hair dye
Katie Holmes ash brown darkhair dye
Darkest ash brown hair
Without highlights.


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